Fairmind offer flexible home or work place visits in and around Chester, Cheshire and North Wales but go further afield when required.

We have also just set up an office in the centre of beautiful Chester so you can have your jewellery and watches appraised whilst you shop, have some lunch or spend some time sight seeing.

We hold all the relevant insurances and use an extensive and portable set of specialist instruments to capture all the necessary information on site including photography, before creating and sending the final valuation document one week later. An express service is available upon request.

Your valuation fee will include:

  1. Initial consultation, by email or telephone
  2. Personal visit to home or office. All jewellery is appraised on site and left with you, so no long wait without it.
  3. Your valuation document (depending on valuation type) will contain the schedule of property, digital photographs, full covering letter and ‘notes to the schedule’ which explain the terms used. This will be sent as soon as they are ready, which is usually within a week.

Insurance Replacement Valuations.
Effective valuation is a powerful protection for my clients to only pay for what you own but enough to cover you fully in the event of a loss or claim. This is one of the most requested types of appraisal. The values are based on what it would cost to replace the lost item with a similar item in a specified market. This includes a full researched document, digital photographs and home appraisal. Additional travelling may incur a nominal charge.

Fees – including home visit
Free Initial pre-valuation consultation by phone or email.
– First Item £80
– Subsequent items and watches £50
– Single diamonds over 1ct and *Premium items £80
– Single diamonds and Important coloured stones over 2ct *Premium Plus items £150
– If you have a number of lower value items, then a grouped valuation may be most cost effective

*Premium and *Premium Plus Items: These are complex items that require extensive additional research, e.g. high value jewellery or items containing many different species of gemstones and jewels. Very high net worth jewellery will be priced indivdually.

Do get in touch and I can clarify which price category your jewellery falls into.

Fees will be confirmed upon home visit and must be paid for before the valuation will be released.

Appointment for Advice – Assorted jewellery assessment
If you simply want to discuss your jewellery and assess how best to go forward I will visit you personally. Just think of it like a jewellery box assessment. We can highlight anything that may need a valuation and those items that have sentimental but not great monetary value. Great for peace of mind. Charged in 1 hour sections.

Fees – Including home visit
– £50 per hour

Probate or Confirmation of Will in Scotland.
This is the valuation required by the executor of an estate. The probate valuation is used to calculate Death Duties or Inheritance tax to obtain Probate of the Will. The values are based on the open market values at the date of death.

Fees – including home visit
Free Initial pre-valuation consultation by phone or email
– First Item £80
– Each additional item £ 40
– Premium items starting from £80
– In the event of lots of lower value items, they can be grouped and a fee given for the work.

Family Division (bequeathing of jewellery) and Divorce
A discreet valuation service offered to parties considering the division of assets. It is commonly required in a divorce or separation situation. It can also be used for the division of assets when bequeathing jewellery to family members and other beneficiaries when writing a will.

Fees – including home visit
Same fees as Valuation for Insurance

Valuation for private sale 
A type of valuation that ensures a fair price between both parties in the event a party wishes to sell an item of property to a friend or relative and not through the auction house. This value normally represents an open market value unless otherwise instructed.

Fees – including home visit
Same fees as Valuation for Insurance

Local destinations are included. Please get in touch if you a further afield as a mileage charge may be applicable.

Retail Jewellers
We will visit your store and appraise on site.

Valuation for Insurance
Appraised and researched documents for your customers without you having to take time out of your day to compile a legally binding valuation but offer a valuable and trusted service.

Solicitors and Insurance Companies

Office visits depending on the requirements including;

  • Probate
  • Insurance Valuation
  • Family Division
  • Valuation for private sale

Independent Valuations undertaken for your customers to enable you to quickly gather the information needed to proceed with your service to your clients.

Please get in contact for Industry rates.

Jewellery Valuations for Insurance, Probate, Family Division, Divorce in Chester, North Wales