In accordance with the UK Inheritance Tax Act, Section 160

Estate Planning and Wills

For those of you who want to assess your precious items ahead of giving or leaving them to family members and friends. This service is part advice and part valuation and differs from person to person. Do get in touch and we can work out how best to help you.


  • Initial conversations by phone or email are free.
  • Prices are £60 per hour for advice and should valuations be needed the figures are the same as Valuation for Insurance.


This is the valuation required by the executor of an estate. The probate valuation is used to calculate Death Duties or Inheritance tax to obtain Probate of the Will. The values are based on the open market values at the date of death.


  • Free Initial consultation by phone or email
  • 1st Item – Document, appraisal and valuation – £80
  • Each additional item – £ 40 – £80 (depending on complexity)
  • In the event of lots of lower value items, they can be grouped and a fee given for the work at approximately £20 per item.
Jewellery Valuations for Insurance, Probate, Family Division, Divorce in Chester, North Wales